Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Early Rising

I rose this morning and made myself go for a run.  When I first get up there are still those few minutes of debate, when I compose the arguments in my head as to why it is not a good idea to run this particular morning.  If I can go ahead and pull on the socks and the stretchy pants then I am halfway home.  This morning spring greeted me as soon as I stepped out the front door-the sky a dappled stretch of rose and pink laid out like a magic sky carpet before me.  The clouds were layered and seemed close enough to touch.  I like the way the sky looks but I also love the sounds of the morning. now that I have begun this am ritual. 

I have begun to relish the gentler sounds of the morning.  Because there is so much noisy hysteria and hype swirling around us these days. Some days I want to yell myself, proclaim cross the land:"let's all take it down a notch folks."  There seems to be a relentless demand for louder, richer, bigger and badder-from presidential campaigns to toddler birthday parties and high school proms-an insatiable appetite for more, more, more.  I am afraid sometimes that our greed will very soon consume us whole and I long for graciousness and simplicity.


  1. I love the way you tied your morning run into a bigger message about a desire for simplicity and peace-well done!!! I am super impressed that you are running! I wish I could be as motivated.

  2. I struggle with all of the "noise" as well. The spring mornings have been very pretty but the constant chatter seems to overwhelm the calm. Hope for better days to come (countdown to Nov. 9-the day after)

  3. You write wise words here. I think we all need to take things down a notch from time to time to see the beauty around us. So glad you were able to post today! I love hearing your thoughts about life :)